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The Electric A/V Lectern

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Here at Patton Contractors, Inc., our designs are based on customer feedback. We’re constantly listening, researching, and tweaking our designs to accommodate the customers needs.
Our new Electronic A/V Lectern has multiple amenities such as;

1) Our Electric A/VLectern allows the user to raise the lectern to a work level that is comfortable for each individual user, regardless of the individual's height.
2) Our Electric A/VLectern can be lowered to accomodate a wheel chair or raised to accomadate a standing person of various heights.
3) Each unit can support up to 220 pounds of weight and are designed to match surrounding millwork, design and finish colors.
4) Each unit has a drawer with soft-close drawer glides which can hold multiple electronic devices such as document projectors.
5) The lower shelf is vented and can support Audio/Video Racks and Audio Distribution equipment.
6) There are 4 preset buttons to customize your desired heights and memory it with one preset button. Touch and hold the "M" to Adjust to your desired position.
7) Elevate your workstation to your ideal position with the powerful, silent, and smooth dual motor lift system. The Motorized desk has adjustable height 27.9" to 47.8".
    The elegant controller touch screen features customizable settings for desired user heights.
8) Product Details can be modified to match existing Courtroom Millwork designs or features.
9) Product can be fabricated out of most any species of woods (Red Oak, White Oak, Mahogany, Cherry, Maple and American Black Walnut are our stock species)
1) Product weight: 57.32 lbs.
2) Weight capacity: 220 lbs.
3) Height range: 28" – 48"
4) Actual Frame Length: 33.3" to 59"
5) Recommended table top sizes: length of
    44.1” to 71.7”, width of 23.7” to 31.5
               Smooth transition and excellent structure

The internal steel structure and pneumatic cylinder help the movement
to be more smooth and simple while adjusting the height.
Programable Memory Function
A Lectern that work for all heights.
Commercial Sneeze